Role of the quantity surveyor

The bill of quantities provides vast amounts of information about a particular building project and also includes a detailed breakdown of each item of the proposed work. You can help by converting this article to prose, if appropriate.

The importance of the Project Management is growing worldwide and it has huge impact on productivity and quality of the project. These projects demonstrate the potential benefit derived when a quantity surveyor has up to date knowledge of the latest construction technology and building service practices.

As a result, the comprehensive procurement strategy report was adopted in part and became pivotal in ensuring a successful project outcome. Evolving roles of Quantity Surveying The quantity surveying profession has been able to evolve and diversify into new areas of practicing, providing a wider range of services, with the modern quantity surveyor covering all aspects of project cost management, procurement and contract management Lee, Trench and Willis Menaha Thayaparan, et.

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The Role Of The Quantity Surveying Construction Essay

Cost planning provides some degree of comfort to clients in terms of cost certainty. Construction planning and procurement 4. Roles of a quantity surveyor Manage all the financial aspects of any construction project. The client now contacts the Quantity Surveyor before any construction has taken place, in order to utilise their expertise.

They are able to measure the feature of the viing methods that might be appropriate and to fit these with the peculiar demands and aspirations of the employer. The first year often contains a number of elements shared with other construction related courses such as construction management, building studies, building engineering, engineering management and building technology.


But it has become viable with the finding of new ways to handle building project more cost-efficiently by modern quantity surveyors who has given the traditional and contemporary monetary roles.

Calculating the costs of building and the items included for its whole life is called whole life costing assessment. TAFE Certificates and Diplomas qualify technicians who assist quantity surveyors in the office or on site, where they may specialise in particular aspects of the profession.

Some are positioning themselves as the kingpins of the construction industry, especially in relation to government projects and large infrastructure projects.

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The role of quantity surveyors in war on corruption

According to the facts which I have discussed so far, it has declared that Quantity Surveyors not only have to perform traditional roles by offering traditional services nevertheless also have to play contemporary roles by granting non-traditional or additional services to fill up the demand of this innovative and mutable construction industry.

Most projects always have unforeseen costs.

Quantity surveyor

Ensure that both production and construction costs are effectively managed. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

The short answer to this question is yes, yes and yes. Quantity Surveying dates to the 18th century in the United Kingdom, when construction projects were measured and valued after they were designed and built.

This has added a great optimism and value to the profession. Arranging staff payments and, at the end of a job, settling the final accounts.The role of a Quantity Surveyor Managing the budget and contractual relationships of a building project Known in the industry as a Construction Cost Consultant or Commercial Manager, their role is to keep a close eye on project finances and contractual relationships.

May 12,  · the role of the quantity surveyor just another bill to pay? Building a home will save you money in the long run, but the initial costs can sometimes cause one to want to cut corners and ‘manage everything in-house’.

role of Quantity Surveyors whose building procurement is based on BIM would be revolutionized drastically from the existing role where BIM permits to analyze the building, the structure, materials and performance in real time as it is.

A quantity surveyor has a crucial role in the building and construction industry for many different reasons. Responsible for important aspects of building projects, the role of a quantity surveyor can be to either help the client or the contractor themselves in order to ensure projects are.

The quantity surveyor and cost engineer should understand the challenges and opportunities presented by the needs of clients in relation to cost, contracts, communication and claims and perhaps focus their development on the important links between these functions.


As a job description for a Quantity Surveying role, it was stipulated that market need creates evolved Quantity Surveyors (Construction, ). Quantity Surveyors meet the ever evolving needs of their clients, offering a vast range of services as depicted in the following website article (Brown, ).

Role of the quantity surveyor
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