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Mofaz took it as a compliment. The main political dividing lines between the old and young guards were over corruption in the PA, exclusion from the decision-making process, and the diplomatic approach to Israel in short, "misgovernment" and "defeatism". The land under Palestinian control A and B was often not contiguous, and a map of the West Bank looked The 2000 palestinian intifada essay like a Rorschach test.

Oslo was thought to mean the end of Israeli occupation and the start of Palestinian selfdetermination. Palestinian bureaucrats often did little more than convey paperwork and requests from Palestinians to Israeli authorities; the Israelis would make the decisions. On 7 November, the US vetoed a third draft resolution, condemning alleged Israeli violations of human rights [83] On 14 OctoberIsrael openly declared that it would not abide Security Council Resolution because it did not pay attention to attacks on Jewish worshippers at the Western Wall.

This again suggests they did not want a pretext for a violent outbreak. While the emphasis in this section on occupation highlights Palestinian grievances and dashed expectations, the followings sections on military preparations and the failure of the Camp David summit are more directed at the resources, organizational capabilities, and policy opportunities for both parties.

From Palestine to Syria: Three Intifadas and Lessons for Popular Struggles

Both organizations have fostered a cult of martyrdom and frequently use suicide bombers. Israeli police responded with live fire and rubber-coated bullets. Force was still its preferred method of control, but later its manipulation of the peace process so frustrated even the small gains made by the Palestinians, that resistance took on a new and much more dangerous meaning with the second intifada in Ted Gurr noted that civil strife is often the result of a gap between what individuals believe they are entitled to and what they actually get.

There was unprecedented international coverage, and the Israeli response was criticized in media outlets and international fora.

This divide may have broader implications for civil-military relations in a democracy engaged in a long-running conflict.

Israeli tanks shelled hundreds of Palestinian protesters approaching their positions, killing Meanwhile, Israel continued to build settlements in the occupied territories, and the Palestinians imported arms and built up their security forces, in violation of the terms of the Oslo Accords.

Twenty-one Israeli civilians, most of them high school students, were killed and injured. But in spite of concerted efforts he failed to revive the peace process or to stop the suicide bombers.

The United States, put a veto on a draft resolution which would have strongly deplored it. This example Al-Aqsa Intifada Essay is published for educational and informational purposes only. Rajoub denied this version. In some places, Israel destroyed Palestinian buildings or orchards to clear a wide swath of land for a bypass road and a security strip alongside the road.

The world breathed a sigh of relief and international efforts were concentrated on the peace process while the sordid realities on the ground were once again ignored.

In two incidents on 1 and 6 Octoberrespectively, the IDF ambushed and killed seven Gaza men, reportedly affiliated with Islamic Jihadwho had escaped from prison in May.

Second Intifada

The Israeli government gave up hope for negotiated settlement to the conflict and pursued a unilateral policy of physically separating Israel from Palestinian communities by beginning construction on the Israeli West Bank barrier.

This escalatory impact of firm policies was exacerbated because Israel assumed that external motivations rather than domestic ones explained growing Palestinian militarization and because Palestinian militants assumed that force or the threat of force could be used to advance diplomatic negotiations.

When alerted of his intentions, senior Palestinian figures, such as Yasser ArafatSaeb Erekatand Faisal Husseini all asked Sharon to call off his visit. From this point onward, the violent dispute between Israel and Palestine continued to progress up until the present.

The First Intifada - Historical overview

Palestinian organizations were arming and organizing for military action. Some Palestinians implicitly followed Carl von Clausewitz's famous dictum: Others have named what they consider disproportionate response to what was initially a popular uprising by unarmed demonstrators as the reason for the escalation of the Intifada into an all out war.

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The main political dividing lines between the old and young guards were over corruption in the PA, exclusion from the decision-making process, and the diplomatic approach to Israel in short, "misgovernment" and "defeatism".

Much-needed foreign aid was halted or constricted, and the economic situation in the territories became increasingly dire. Arafat well understood that the moment of truth had come and that painful decisions needed to be made by both sides.

Even more breathtaking, is that the charade is being repeated today. Both of these claims overplay the role of individual leaders and overlook a wider array of elite decisions and deeper political and social conditions. In other words, Israel probably assumed the Palestinian militants preferred to resort to force rather than an Israeli withdrawal to the 4 June lines.

In the following year secret talks between Israel and the PLO under the auspices of the Norwegian government resulted in the Oslo Accords, a series of agreements signed in — The Resolution coincides the idea of Israeli armed forces withdrawal and the elimination of their belligerency claims.

Israel defined these activities as 'riots', and justified the repression as necessary to restore 'law and order'.What lessons can the Palestinian national movement offer contemporary revolts in the Middle East in general, and Syria, specifically?

Though the Syrian revolt to overthrow dictatorship is distinct from Palestinians' mobilization against occupation, many issues and patterns link them as popular struggles.

The second intifada occurred between and (Pressman ). This second uprising resulted in the death toll of about 3, Palestinians and Israelis.

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While there is no definitive ending date to this second uprising, some consider it to have ended in On the 28th of September, of the yearthe second Palestinian Intifada took place. The main reason that sparked this Intifada was the provocative visit of Ariel Sharon, the current Israeli Prime Minister, to the Haram Al Sharif.

Graham Usher, "Palestine: The Intifada this Time," p. 74; and "Israel lays plan for West Bank re-occupation," p. Return to Article. Arutz-7 reported on IDF training as cited in Foundation for Middle East Peace, "Settlement Timeline," Report on Israeli Settlement in the Occupied Territories 10, no.

4 (July-August ). Return to Article. Al-Aqsa Intifada Essay The al-Aqsa Intifada (uprising) of Palestinians broke out in September following a provocative visit by Ariel Sharon and Israeli soldiers to the Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem.

The first intifada 20 years later By Sonja Karkar The Electronic Intifada 10 December A Palestinian youth throws stones at an Israeli military jeep in the West Bank city of Bethlehem, September

The 2000 palestinian intifada essay
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